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Multirides Ltd.
At Spaceball
we manufacture the most "breath-taking" and "dynamic" rides you will ever experience in a small package. They equal the thrill of all the Multi-Million Dollar White Knuckle rides throughout the world. Originally developed by NASA to train astronauts and fighter pilots in weightlessness and orientation, we have now developed these exciting rides to train aspiring pilots from the age of 4 and upwards. Stimulating and visually exciting, these rides score the highest marks at every event they go to.
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No job too big!

1999 Motor Show - Earls Court, London.
Using the principle of the Spaceball a car was fitted into the rings, instead of a human!
The car & rings moved in exactly the same way as normal.
All ideas can be discussed and designed.

Our customers include:

Corporate Event Companies
  • Hire Companies
  • Weekend Entrepreneurs
  • Museums
  • Science Parks
  • Fitness Gyms
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The "Rolls Royce" of GYROSCOPIC rides, quality and service come as a standard prerequisite of our products.

Our aim is to get you into your own profitable business, which is wholly independent and which is a part of the ever growing Leisure Industry.

Spaceball rides can be seem at funfairs, fun days, car boots and beaches, in fact, anywhere people can have fun and enjoy themselves.

A NAFLIC Certified Engineer certificates all rides - as you would expect from a company who tests every aspect of safety.

Ease of use as well as transportability is also our concern and we have designed them to be fast in operation and easily maintained in just a few minutes a week.

With Spaceball Products you can break into the lucrative Leisure Industry in a really cost effective way.


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